Marine Pollution Inspiration for Falmouth High School Ceramics Class

Drs. John Stegeman and Jed Goldstone (Project 5), Neel Aluru (Project 4), and Chris Reddy participated in Falmouth High School's Cermaics II class project on marine pollution. On December 17th, students visited the Ocean Science Exhibit Center at Woods Hole Oceanographic Instiute (WHOI) during which each scientist delivered a visual presentation on "Structural aspects of pollutants as models for ceramic art" and fielded questions from the students. Ceramics instructor Corrine Adams assigned the students 3 pieces - one ceramic piece was required to be realistic, another to be partially or fully created on the Potter’s Wheel, and the final piece was the student’s choice. An art reception of the students' work was held on April 4th at WHOI and was sponsored by the Falmouth Education Foundaiton.


Risk Communication Planning

 Dr. Scammell (CEC & RTC) participated in the two days of workshops      on Communicating Risk to the Public, March 27th in Westford, MA and March  28th in  Providence, RI. The workshops included members of the Northeast  Waste  Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA) a partner of the Brown    University  SRP (Thanks to Drs. Jim Rice, Eric Suuberg and Kim Boekelheide.)  Each  day focused on  the challenges inherent in sharing technical results and  risk  information about  contaminated sites. The combined workshops attracted  over  100 environmental  professionals including staff at EPA Region 1 and from  departments of environmental  protection in Connecticut, New Hampshire,  Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Dr.  Scammell addressed risk communication  planning and her slides can be accessed online.


Water Quality and Human Health the focus of Open Classroom

On February 26th, in collaboration with the Museum of Science Boston, a BU SRP RTC partner, Dr. Mark Hahn (Project 4) and Dr. Monica Ramirez-Andreotta (former Arizona SRP trainee) presented a lecture on Water Quality & Impacts on Human and Environmental Health.  A video recording of Dr. Hahn's and Dr. Ramirez-Andreotta's presentation is available online

The seminar was part of The Myra Kraft Open Classroom at Northeastern University's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. Each semester Open Classroom selects one graduate-level seminar and opens it up to the entire campus and public-at-large to attend for free. This semester's Open Classroom is titled Water: Challenges of Extremes. On April 16th, the Museum of Science Boston will be presenting in collaboration with the Open Classroom series, a free lecture Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink! (register online)


Museum of Science Podcast features BU SRP

Susan Heliman of the Museum of Science Boston, a research translation partner of BU SRP, interviewed BU SRP trainee Olga Novikov and deputy director Dr. David Sherr earlier this month. The investigator trainee duo discuss their Superfund research on environmental chemicals and breast cancer as part of the Museum's Current Science and Technology podcast series. Listen to the free podcast online or on iTunes

The research discussed in the podcast has been incorporated into the Museum's "Afternoon Report" live presentation for the month of April. Afternoon Report is a 20 minute presentation where museum staff go through 4 or 5 current news stories, spending just a few minutes on each.  For example, they'll also be talking about the new research on the Big Bang and an update on the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown from 2011. The presentation will be given everyday in April at 2:30 on the Current Science & Technology stage.

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