Northeastern's Open Classroom features SRP researchers

On February 26th, in collaboration with the Museum of Science Boston, a BU SRP RTC partner, Dr. Mark Hahn (Project 4) and Dr. Monica Ramirez-Andreotta (former Arizona SRP trainee) presented a lecture on Water Quality & Impacts on Human and Environmental Health.  A video recording of Dr. Hahn's and Dr. Ramirez-Andreotta's presentation is available online

The seminar was part of The Myra Kraft Open Classroom at Northeastern University's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. Each semester Open Classroom selects one graduate-level seminar and opens it up to the entire campus and public-at-large to attend for free. This semester's Open Classroom is titled Water: Challenges of Extremes. On April 16th, the Museum of Science Boston will be presenting in collaboration with the Open Classroom series, a free lecture Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink! (register online)


Museum of Science Podcast features BU SRP

Susan Heliman of the Museum of Science Boston, a research translation partner of BU SRP, interviewed BU SRP trainee Olga Novikov and deputy director Dr. David Sherr earlier this month. The investigator trainee duo discuss their Superfund research on environmental chemicals and breast cancer as part of the Museum's Current Science and Technology podcast series. Listen to the free podcast online or on iTunes

The research discussed in the podcast has been incorporated into the Museum's "Afternoon Report" live presentation for the month of April. Afternoon Report is a 20 minute presentation where museum staff go through 4 or 5 current news stories, spending just a few minutes on each.  For example, they'll also be talking about the new research on the Big Bang and an update on the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown from 2011. The presentation will be given everyday in April at 2:30 on the Current Science & Technology stage.


BU SRP at Local Environmental Action 2014

The Boston University Superfund Research Program cosponsored the annual community activism conference, Local Environmental Action 2014, presented by Community Engagement Core partner Toxics Action Center (TAC) and Massachusetts Climate Action Network. The conference took place at Northeastern University in Boston, MA on March 2nd. 


During the morning, Community Engagement Core leader Madeleine Scammell co-led a workshop on The Toxic Schoolhouse along with economist and policy analyst Chuck Levenstein and retired special education teacher and union activist Debra Askwith (photo above). The workshop was well-attended and rich discussion resulted from the diversity of the audience the topic attracted including teachers, community members, academics, local government, and parents. 

In the afternoon, Ethan Mascoop, former Health Department Director for the town of Framingham, and Wendy Heiger-Bernays, BUSPH Associate Professor and Research Translation Core, (fourth and third from the right respectively in the photo above) received the Science for the Benefit of Environmental Health Award for their tireless work with community resident group Framingham Action Coalition for Environmental Safety (FACES) around the clean up of the General Chemical Corporation site in Framingham. Past awardees of the the Science for the Benefit of Environmental Health Award presented to a scientist or environmental health professional are as follows:

2006 Dick Clapp

2007 Marco Kaltofen

2008 Jim Luker

2009 Julia Brody

2010 Harlee Straus

2011 David Brown


BU SRP at SOT 2014

BU SRP is headed to Phoenix, Arizona for SOT 2014!

Dr. David Sherr (BU SRP Deputy Director) will be co-chairing a symposium titled "The role of the AhR in stem cell development and lineage specification".

Doctoral trainee Elizabeth Stanford (Sherr Lab) has been selected by the New England SOT (NESOT) Student Travel Award Committee as the First Place award recipient to receive the NESOT Student Travel Award for her outstanding Abstract entitled "The aryl hydrocarbon receptor controls breast cancer stem-like cell development and function", devotion to the Toxicological Sciences, and as an advocate for Toxicology research.

Dr. Tom Webster (Project 2) will be presenting his poster titled "Concentration Addition and Toxic Equivalent Factors: When do they apply?"

BU SRP doctoral trainee James Watt (Project 3) will be presenting his poster titled "Emerging Toxicants Induce Adipogenesis and Suppress Osteogenesis in Mouse Mesenchymal Stromal Cells".

Dr. Mark Hahn (Project 4) will be presenting "Molecular Evolution of Transcription Factors in Zebrafish and Killifish: Implications for Biomedical and Environmental Toxicology".

Dr. Jed Goldstone (Project 5) will be presenting "Characterization of a Full-Length Pregnane X Receptor, In Vivo Expression, and Identification of PXR Alleles in Zebrafish".

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